The story of 1 man and 1 backpack, 5 continets, 15 countries and a 58,000mile journey that will change his life.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Machu Picchu

Have had a truely amazing time exploring the Inca ruins around Cusco, in the Sacred Valley and on the Inca trail finally arriving at Machu Picchu early in the morning before the crowds got there. The walk was not too taxing even though I spent one day emersed under my lovely purplr poncho! The food on the trail was amazing and the guides and porters worked so hard making it an amazing experience. Not tired enough 6 of us also climbed an extra conical mountain called Wynapicchu - tremenously steep and made the rest of the trail seem like a walk in the park! Did get an exellent alternative view of the ruins.
Only a matter of days left and I´ll be home in good old Blighty!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Adventures in Peru

Left Chile and was soon in Lima - thye smoggy capital of Peru. Enjoyed exploring the beautiful collonial buildings and many grotesquely decorated Catholic churches. Then my final adventure started - getting on Trevor the truck and heading out of the city to enjoy a boat tripo around the poor mans Galapogos, aka the Ballestas Islands. Saw loads of great sea birds and noisy mating sealions and a lot of Guano - S***! Then off to Huacachina for some awesome dune buggying and Sandboarding in the desert. The trip is pretty packed so it was next stop the Nazca lines - wierd collection of animal shapes on the ground only really visable from the air.
Stayed a night at the tiny Puerto Inca, camping right on the beach, getting to explore the ancient ruined Inca Port. Next stop the second biggest city in Peru - Arequipa, where I really enjoyed shopping for some South American bargains.
Then climed above four and a half thousand metres to view the worlds deepest canyon - Colca Canyon and get some great view of condors circling low over head, effortlessly.
Enjoying the hot springs out here - saves showering and now I'm in Cuzco.
It's short, but too the point!
Off to see my dream in 4 days - Machu Picchu.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Time to leave Chile

Well, I´m getting on a bus back to Santiago in less than 3 hrs, so thought I should wrap things up here.
I have continued to enjoy my time here in Pichilemu. Spent days learning Autocad software and putting the designs in place for Gerd and Rosi´s new house so that they can take them to the Achitect to get approved. I went on an awesome hike with my friend Juan David the other day. Ended up walking for over 10hrs into the hills around here along a disused railway. Got lost, ended up in a valley that I don`t think anuçyone goes into - absolutely no signs of human existance in there - totally wild. Saw a fox, a snake and a taransular - got so great pics of taransular fangs!
Have also had a few days down south with Gerd and Ray - turned into a bit of a man´s retreate. BAsic life living in an old fishing net drying shed on an Island just outside Puerto Montt. (12hrs south of here) Have discovered the delights of Chilean long distance buses. They have service that put National Express to shame. So comfortable, videos, breakfast, blankets and pillows for an overnight journey and all for 8 of your English Pounds!!!
Got to see some awe inspiring snow capped volcanoes that when in is clear satnd as a really impressive backdrop to the Southern city.
So now it´s time to say goodbye to all the friends I have made here in Chile and for the first time it appears that I´ll be home within a imaginable length of time. Look forward to seeing those of you in sunny Watford, very soon.